Air Duct Cleaning

Improving the air that we all breath indoors is our priority. Rona’s professional cleaning team will remove harmful dust build-up from within your air duct system. Our powerful vacuum trucks are the highest rated for C.F.M vacuum suction, combined with our 200 plus P.S.I. compressed air. Our exclusive “Brushing system” a complete cleaning. We also clean with the most State-Of -The- Art high pressure air agitation forward & reverse skipper ball/scorpion whips. Your complete system will be completely disinfected with “Benefect” (100% herbal/non-chemical) to kill 99.9% germs, bacteria and mold spores.

The Rona Way/The Right Way Cleaning 30 Step by step Cleaning Process

  1. Our runner tarps are placed for a protected pathway leading to all work areas
  2. Shoes covers are always worn in your home by our technicians
  3. Corner guards are used to guarantee no damage from our hoses in your home
  4. The furnace system is turned off before the cleaning
  5. Your furnace filter is removed and our chamber sealer is inserted for no risk of blow back
  6. “Before Photos” are taken from the interior of your main duct system
  7. All hot exhaust & cold in-take air register vents are completely sealed
  8. Your heat exchanger is protected with our specially designed covering
  9. Our large vacuum hose is first connected to the main hot air common ducting
  10. Each vent is cleaned with our forward high pressure brushing system
  11. The interior disk dampers are checked for a fully open position
  12. Each register is cleaned and disinfected with our 100%/Non-chemical “Benefect”
  13. Our technician begins cleaning the main horizontal common ducting with our specialty agitation tools
  14. Benefect is applied to start the disinfecting process
  15. Our large vacuum is then connected to the main cold air intake system
  16. All cold air return intake vent covers are carefully removed and cleaned
  17. The pre-vacuuming is performed to remove all build up within the plenum
  18. Our high pressure air cleaning tool removes all dust build-up within the chambers
  19. Benefect is applied to start the disinfecting process
  20. All horizontal main cold air intake common ducting is cleaned with our specialty agitation tools
  21. The furnace blowers, J-channel and air filter chamber is high pressure air cleaned
  22. “After Photos” are take from the interior of your main duct system
  23. All hose attachments opening are professionally sealed for future cleanings
  24. All vent covers are removed and collected
  25. All work areas are inspected for complete cleanliness
  26. Your new air filter is installed (Free 1” standard filter sizes only/All washable air filters are cleaned)
  27. Your furnace system is turned back on
  28. A Rona completion sticker is dated/signed and place on the ducting for future reference
  29. Payment is collected as we accept all forms of payment
  30. Other services are offered with our add on discounted prices at over 60% off